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Each year, approximately 1.2 million dogs are euthanized in the United States. Every day, simply providing short-term shelter, food, and love could save thousands of dogs. Luvin Pawz Rescue is trying to decrease these numbers, but we need your help.

Please consider fostering one of our Oklahoma puppies or dogs until the dog is adopted. Sometimes that foster is short term, only a few days, other times we need your help for a month or so.  

Here’s Why Fostering for Luvin Pawz is So Rewarding:
• It makes room for other dogs in the Luvin Pawz shelter, freeing up space to help more of our dogs in need;
• It gives you those warm, fuzzy feelings only volunteering can provide;
• Brings the fun and companionship of a dog into your life. There’s nothing like seeing a shelter dog blossom into a loving companion and sending him/her off to a happy forever family who found their match though the Adoption Coordinator. 

The Reasons Why We Need Foster Homes:
• The Oklahoma shelters are overcrowded, (so the Luvin Pawz shelter is taking as many as possible) and placing dogs in foster care in New England frees up space to save more dogs in Oklahoma.
• It is helpful for you to learn more about our dog’s personality and behavior in a home setting.
• Some young, energetic dogs need to learn some basic manners before being made available for adoption.
• Our timid dogs need a safe place to come out of their shell.

If You Want to Adopt Your Foster Dog
Within the first five days of fostering and there are no other pending applications, you have the option to adopt your foster dog pending you have an approved adoption application. After the first five days, your foster dog is available for consideration by all other approved applicants through the Adoption Coordinator.

Here are the General Responsibilities of Luvin Pawz Foster Parent
The primary function of a foster home is to provide a safe, loving home environment. For the most part, this entails caring for our foster dog as you would care for your dog: offering food, affection, socialization, and exercise to keep the dog happy and healthy.

Luvin Pawz Rescue is responsible for any Vet bills if your foster dog has medical needs. If requested, our rescue will reimburse you for dog food, or those funds can go directly back to saving more dogs.